Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/1/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, under President Biden and the Democrats, the nation is unraveling. Things have gotten so bad that even Chuck Todd points out that Biden is incompetent and ineffective as his approval ratings continue to sink. Even Joe Manchin is backing away from Biden’s inflation debacle. Then, Matthew Foldi from the Washington Free Beacon calls in to explain how Terry McAuliffe’s campaign used Democrat staffers to masquerade as ‘White supremacists” posing in front of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus. The Democrat front-group The Lincoln project claimed responsibility for the hoax despite the level of apparent coordination from the McAuliffe campaign. Afterward, we must take heed to the admonition of Reagan; freedom isn’t passed on through the bloodstream, it must be fought for. Later, Brian Kilmeade, calls in to discuss his new book ” The President and the Freedom Fighter: Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Their Battle to Save America’s Soul.”

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