Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/1/23

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the White House is putting together a group to counter Islamophobia – is that what you’re seeing in the streets or at colleges? There is islamophobia and it’s horrific but it’s not in America, it’s in the Gaza Strip, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and most Middle East Arab countries. Where are all these acts of Islamophobia in America? If it were all over the place – we’d see all the left-wing media running with it as their lead headlines. How about a group to counter anti-Semitism? The level of anti-Semitism has never existed like this in American history. I blame a lot of that on the immigration system in this country. President Biden is leading the most anti-Semitic administration in history. They will send weapons to Israel, but they don’t want them to win. They can’t fight in the way Armies fight to win a war. They are the only country that’s blackmailed by Democrat administrations and radical left-wing governments in Europe. Later, this group CREW is trying to keep Donald Trump off the ballot in Colorado by using Section 3 of the 14th Amendment argument. And this judge, who donated to this anti-Trump group and refused to recuse herself, allows a case to continue even though there’s absolutely no constitutional basis for it and Trump has never been charged with an insurrection let alone found guilty of it. We need Republican Attorney Generals to accuse Biden of treason, for his open border, and go into states to try and take Biden off the ballot. If they’re going to accuse Trump of insurrection then Biden should be accused of treason for his open border.

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