Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/10/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, We have tens of millions of people in America who do not want this country to survive but want to either destroy or undermine it. We have a ruling class that has no limits to its power and is beating out the patriotic Americans who want our children to have a bright and prosperous future. We cannot be a country that has no borders and immigration is out of control to the point where we don’t know who’s coming in. There is no better way to rip the heart out of a country than to destroy its economy, which is exactly where Democrats and Bidenomics have done. It only takes one generation or one presidency to destroy our Republic, and if people don’t want to be free with a civil society and secure border then we aren’t going to get it. Also, for Hamas, this war with Israel is about a caliphate, not about statehood. Terrorism is boundless and that is exactly what Iran wants. Israel is used to project American power in the Middle East and provides intelligence to the U.S. about the actions of our enemies. People like Cori Bush or Emmanuel Macron do not care and condemn Israel for trying to defend itself from terror attacks. The Israeli people and their military are the front line for protecting the Western world from terrorists, and they carry the weight of the free world on their shoulders.

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