Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/16/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Hamas and other terrorist organizations are terrorists because they do not care about the Geneva Convention and use their own civilians as human shields. If Palestine is a prison state like the Democrats claim, then Hamas is the warden. This is not about a two-state solution or statehood, it is about caliphates because Hamas does not intend to be limited to the Gaza Strip. None of these terrorist organizations are satisfied with a sovereign country because they want to control the entire world. The Biden administration is spreading money all over the Middle East in search of a fiction, re-arming and funding our enemies while setting the stage for World War 3. At the same time, we have anti-Semitism at an all-time high in America, with pro-Israel protesters being attacked in the streets by Hamas supporters. Also, the Democrat party has been the breeding ground of anti-American hate for a long time. It thrives off of and strategizes around turning one group of Americans against another, stereotyping Americans based on wealth or age or race, because the more that we’re at each other’s throats, the more the Democrat party seeks to destroy us and the American way of life. The Democrat party owns the college professors, the school systems, and the union that runs the schools, and they embrace this bigoted anti-Semitism we are seeing in our streets today. No longer can the institute of the Democrat party control what it has created. Later, Mark speaks with Alina Habba, lawyer for Donald Trump, about the politically motivated fraudulent case against Trump and the gag order being overturned.

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