Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/17/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration is trying to topple the Netanyahu-led Israeli government behind the scenes because President Biden learned from Obama who is an anti-Semite. Secretary of State Antony Blinken thinks he is the Prime Minister of Israel and king of the world but is a very sick and destructive man acting with the consent of Biden. The Israeli press, like in America is the mouthpiece of the most radical left-wing elements and is being funded by dark money organizations like George Soros and Hamas front groups as well as Biden and Blinken. The goal is to take out Netanyahu and get someone running the government who will capitulate to every demand made by this incompetent Biden administration and anti-Semitic State Department. Also, the Biden administration is literally getting away with murder in Israel, Ukraine, and the American southern border. What is happening on our southern border is a disgrace to both American citizens and migrants, but most of the media is blind to the situation and refuses to report it. It is an impeachable offense and a high crime to not abide by our nation’s immigration policy, because the president does not have the authority to ignore it and allow our borders to be wide open whether the media likes it or not. Later, Dan Abrams, founder of Mediaite and host and producer of numerous court and law and order shows on cable, has failed to reveal on numerous of his platforms that his brother-in-law, Greg Andres, was assistant special counsel on Robert Mueller’s team investigating the Russian collusion hoax and President Trump. This explains Mediaites’s unhinged obsession with smearing Trump, and now the secret is out that Dan Abrams has tainted all of it. Should we hold Abrams accountable for what his brother-in-law did?

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