Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/18/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, AG Merrick Garland appointed a Special Counsel to investigate the opponent of the current Administration. They want to criminalize what at best would be an administrative case against former President Donald Trump for keeping documents at his residence in Mar-A-Lago as mementos of his days in the White House (no nuclear codes). Garland chose an individual that has deep associations with the Washington establishment and is as far from ‘independent’ as one could get. Why would the Democrats do this but for trying to send him to prison? Then, Federal District Judge Walton compared what happened on January 6th to what happened in Nazi Germany and labeled Trump a charlatan. This proves that Trump could never have a fair trial in Washington DC. What Judge Walton did was a disgrace to the federal judiciary; he’s a jurist, not a commentator, and has poisoned any jury pool that could possibly be assembled in his courthouse. Later, multiple federal agencies have been amassing large arsenals of weapons from 2015-2019. This militarization of our federal government is said to be linked to the ‘war on terror.’ So, it’s okay if the bureaucrats are armed but not okay if the citizenry is?

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