Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/21/22

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, reporting shows that the wife of the newly appointed Special Prosecutor in the DOJ’s case against Donald Trump has been a frequent donor to the more radical members of the Democrat Party such as Rashida Tlaib and also produced a film highlighting former First Lady Michelle Obama. It seems that AG Merrick Garland did minimal vetting in his selection of this ‘independent’ counsel that he hired to prosecute Trump. Then, Marxists always need a devil. In this case, President Biden’s using Ultra MAGA and Semi Fascist tropes to do just that. The media is similarly attacking Elon Musk since he’s the world’s richest man, but to them, because he reinstated Trump on Twitter, he must be the world’s dumbest man. Later, the two attorneys who firebombed a police vehicle in the summer of 2020 were charged and sentenced to a lighter sentence with help from the DOJ. Yet there are people that were held in jail for longer periods of time for never throwing a single Molotov cocktail, but simply parading and trespassing on January 6th. Afterward, Kelly Tshibaka calls in with an update on her still very close and undecided campaign for the US Senate for which counting was stalled because of newly instituted rank-choice voting. Tshibaka reiterated that Sen. Lisa Murkowski has been censured by the Republican Party of Alaska and is no longer considered a Republican., but Murkowski gets the backing from Mitch McConnell.

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