Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/3/21

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, in a revolt against the American Marxists, patriotic Americans spoke up, became activists, and went to the polls. They won, and we’re seeing Republican victories in races all across the country. This program was clear in its call for activism, seven months ago, to identify the American Marxists and stop the siege of their de-growth and critical race theory movements at our local school boards. Then, 55% of Hispanic voters in Virginia voted for Glenn Youngkin, yet the media keeps repeating the Democrats’ lies that Republicans are racist White supremacists. This is why they acted as if Donald Trump were on the ballot because they spent years painting Trump as such. Later, this is a battle between those who love America and those who don’t. Enough of the divisiveness from the irrelevant corrupt media. It’s thanks to activists like Edward Durr, a trucker from NJ, who ran against the NJ Senate President spent $153 and won! Afterward, Democrats and the White House are pushing radical proposals including vaccinating small children. There is no proof to know what effect COVID vaccines will have on kids and that is a fact! The entire purpose of adults getting the vaccine was to protect them from those that may be ill, that includes the unvaccinated! If the vaccine works then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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