Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/3/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Washington Post is the latest to regurgitate the fake George Soros Media Matters story attacking Mark and even reached out to the Biden Administration to comment on it. We cannot allow the Democrat media and their numerous propagandists to get away with their hate and lies and can never be free to push a hateful narrative without pushback from conservatives. The New York Times and Washington Post covered up the Holocaust while it was occurring, and their coverage of the October 7 slaughter of Israeli Jews and their subsequent use of Hamas lies, along with the regurgitation of Biden administration talking points and relentless insinuations about Israel has been horrendous. Anti-Semitism has reached historic highs in our country, and President Biden refuses to call out specific colleges, groups, media personalities, and Democrats for spewing their poison. The enemies of America hear the Biden administration speaking through the executive branch and the media pressuring Israel to back off, and they see it as a weakness and an opportunity. The Biden regime has turned aggressively against Israel, does not want Israel to win the war, and is leaking incessantly against Israel to their favorite media outlets. Also, Biden’s open border policy has led to the death of tens of thousands of American citizens and others and has led to a flood of fentanyl and crime in our cities. Fentanyl is coming across the border in such large amounts that FBI director Christopher Wray said they’ve seized enough to kill 270 million people. The Biden administration is endangering American citizens with an open-border immigration policy as badly as it is endangering Israel with a pro-Hamas foreign policy.

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