Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 11/6/23

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is going behind the back of Congress, and the Israelis to try and negotiate a two-state solution. But Hamas isn’t interested in that, they want an Islamic caliphate. And what would this other State look like? How would it be different from the Gaza Strip which was the two-state solution? This two-state solution is a disaster but President Biden pushes it anyway. A two-state solution would lead to the annihilation of the Jewish people and so-called moderate Arab states – this must be opposed. Later, Biden keeps trying to pressure PM Benjamin Netanyahu for a humanitarian pause. Netanyahu should turn the tables and pressure Biden. He should say when you shut off the oil money going to Iran and enforce the Trump sanctions we can start talking about a humanitarian pause. When you pledge that you are prepared to prevent Iran from getting nukes then we can start talking about a humanitarian pause. Rep Chip Roy calls in and explains that it’s in America’s national security interest to have a strong Israel holding the line against terrorists. One idea to help Israel could be to cut the $12 billion a year going to the U.N. and give it to Israel. Also, this Judge in Donald Trump’s civil case in NY should have been disbarred a long time ago. Before Trump even walked into the courtroom the Judge found him guilty of violating a statue that has never been used against anyone in the state of NY. Finally, there is an off-year election in Virginia this Tuesday. There tends to be low voter turnout, so your vote is especially effective.

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