Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/15/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden Administration is starting to withhold weapons and munitions from Israel and micromanaging the war with Hamas while demanding that they stop fighting in a few weeks. There can never be a two-state solution because the vast majority of Palestinians support Hamas and want the Israelis exterminated, but President Biden and the leftist media refuse to acknowledge it. Biden is funding terrorism by flowing billions into Iran and waiving sanctions put on Iran by the Trump Administration, all while Iran funds Hamas among other terrorist organizations. Biden and Antony Blinken are the third term of the Obama administration policies in the Middle East. Also, there is no reason Republicans have to tolerate this radical Democrat-Obama-Biden cabal of judges in Washington D.C. who decide the biggest decision. Why are all cases involving politicians heard in Washington D.C., giving all of this power to one city? The judiciary needs to be addressed or else this will continue, and the Constitution gives us the power to fix this.

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