Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/21/22

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Rich Valdes, Host of America at Night, fills in for Mark Levin. We should always discriminate against bad ideas because our civil society depends on it. It’s about good ideas versus bad ideas, and if Mitch McConnell and AOC think something is good it’s probably the opposite. Labeling concerned parents as domestic terrorists and driving up the national debt with a massive spending bill are also bad ideas. We need to listen to the words of Ronald Reagan and be a good citizens and patriots. The American way is not only to speak against the bad ideas, but to be advocates for the good ideas. Then, it pays to not work in Biden’s America, which explains why so many businesses cannot get workers back on the job three years after the COVID pandemic. Welfare programs in many states provide more money and benefits than most middle-class jobs. Also, the FBI is firing back about its involvement with Twitter and defending working with Twitter, calling people conspiracy theorists pushing misinformation if they criticize the FBI. This is the FBI’s canned response saying this is how they’ve always worked, and this is the same of all branches of government that exercise power of American citizens when they have no authority.

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