Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/21/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, WJNO radio host Brian Mudd fills in for Mark. The Colorado ballot case with Donald Trump has ripped the lid off of the bigger issue with the Marxist left and what the Democrat party has become. The Democrat party is actually anti-Democratic with their efforts to silence Trump supporters and voters by removing him from the ballot. Trump has not been charged with insurrection and has been acquitted of it, so we cannot have a state Supreme Court say he is guilty of it and use it as grounds to disqualify him from being on the ballot. The takeaway from the Colorado ruling is that this is bigger than the 2024 election because it puts our Republic at stake and shows how the anti-Democrat party will take it away from us. Also, on top of the feckless Biden administration’s handling of the southern border and the Israel-Hamas war, we will now have more inflation coming from supply chain woes caused by Houthi attacks on commercial shipping routes. The Middle East is exploding with terror activity and Biden is funding it. The Palestinian people are overwhelmingly supportive of Hamas and roughly three out of four support the attacks on Israel.

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