Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 12/25/23

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, we bring you the Best of Mark Levin on Christmas Day! Sen Mitt Romney and Rep Jamie Raskin see no reason or actions that suggest President Biden has committed impeachable offenses and do not support an impeachment inquiry. Biden has not faithfully executed the laws of the United States, specifically immigration laws, and has our southern border wide open, which is a high crime and grounds for impeachment. Joe Biden’s conduct and the conduct of his subordinates have violated a score of immigration laws, undermined the ability of border patrol and administrative law judges, and prevented local law enforcement from protecting their community and the entire country. Democrats have bent over backward to impeach Donald Trump but Biden’s high crimes of defying immigration law are ignored. Also, Biden and Antony Blinken have leaked to the media that the world is losing support for Israel, all while funding Iran, Hamas, the PLO, and terrorism all over the Middle East. Biden is trying to control what Israel does next and trying to oust a duly elected Prime Minister of Israel in Benjamin Netanyahu, and at the same time calls Trump a dictator. The Union did not win the Civil War by feeding the Confederate cities but starved them to victory, which is why Biden’s proposal to feed and aid Hamas while trying to defeat them is ridiculous. Like Israel, Biden and Blinken have kneecapped Ukraine too and are restricting them from fighting back against a much larger Russian army. Later, the case of Hunter Biden is straightforward tax evasion because Hunter did not pay any federal income taxes for 4 years, from 2017-2020. When he did file tax returns, Hunter knowingly filed false tax returns, and it is calculated that he owes $1.4 million in taxes. The Democrat media has a problem defending Hunter now because on one hand they say he cannot function properly because of addiction, but on the other hand you have over $30 million coming in from places like Burisma and China. President Biden will pardon his son whether he is re-elected or not because these are federal charges and he can do it even if he is not convicted yet. This should be another charge in the case of impeachment of Joe Biden, with the main reason being the violation of our immigration laws and violating his oath of office. Hunter Biden is the gold standard of people who you file under FARA for having influence from other countries and being a threat to national security. It is ridiculous to claim that Joe Biden did not know about Hunter’s business activities, especially with his claim on video to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor.  

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