Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 2/16/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, the Chinese Communist Party under Xi Jinping is now cracking down on Christianity in China, devouring the Christian faith and forcing Xi’s thoughts into the Church as if he is a God. Christian churches are being converted into propaganda centers, and Christians are brutalized as a matter of systemic policy. Also, Sen John Fetterman checked into Walter Reed hospital for clinical depression. We all knew he wasn’t well. This shows how heartless the Democrat party and the media is and how low they will go for power. It’s the same with President Biden, who is doing tremendous damage to this country and the entire world while obvious health issues are ignored. Next, Biden through an Executive Order has directed his radicals to promote more reverse discrimination, demanding equitable outcomes through things like housing initiatives, grants, and government aid. This isn’t about equality or fairness for Democrat Marxists, but discrimination. This is a permeating ideology that will affect every piece of our culture and society, and they are moving as fast as they can to make it happen. The goal of the democrat Marxist is to subvert the dominant language and replace it with different language, which is what they are doing to the word equity. Later, Special Counsel Jack Smith is a dangerous rogue prosecutor not only pushing the edge of the envelope, but way beyond it to get around attorney-client privilege and take down President Trump. The problem is if Smith gets his way, there is no attorney-client privilege anymore because if you are pre-emptively trying to get information you can never tell your lawyer anything. Radical Democrats like Smith are stomping on the bill of rights in order to get to Trump and his inner circle.

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