Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 2/24/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, we’ve always known that Vladimir Putin was eyeing more than just Ukraine, and now Reuters is reporting that Russia wants to push back the borders of Poland so Russia can extend its own borders. Poland is the most vigorous defender of Ukraine because they know what is taking place and know what Putin wants to do. North Korea, Iran, and China are supporting Russia’s aggression in Europe, and Europe needs to step up much more while they can. China is laying claim to all of the South China Sea because they do not fear America under the Biden Administration. Russia and China are doing exactly what they said they would do, and right now the only country that is preventing World War 3 is Ukraine. Meanwhile, Israel is prepared to strike an Iranian nuclear site, and the news was most likely leaked to the media by the U.S. State Department to prevent an attack on Iran. Benjamin Netanyahu has said time and again that Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon, for both their safety and our own, but the Biden Administration would rather protect Iran. Also, Nikole Hannah Jones and the phony 1619 project have a Hulu special, and Democrat media outlets like MSNBC are obsessed with promoting it. Any serious historian can disprove Jones’ lies, but she will only speak to reporters who will protect her and promote racism. We have colleges and states promoting critical race theory while the federal government uses equity to discriminate citizens by race. Later, wage growth in America is now inflationary under the Biden administration, because businesses and restaurants need to raise their prices too to make ends meet. The value of the dollar is going down while prices are going up – this is the effect of inflation. Interest rates are going to continue to go up until this country is pushed into a recession thanks to these massive Democrat spending bills supported by Mitch McConnell.

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