Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/14/24

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Sen Chuck Schumer is another liberal Marxist self-hating Jew like Sen Bernie Sanders and cares about nothing but power because that is all fascists and Marxists care about. Schumer hates Israel and exposed himself on the Senate floor by calling for a new Israeli election and the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu. People like Schumer and President Biden dictate to the Israeli people what to do and how to do it while favoring Hamas over Israel. Also, the Democrat party seeks to imprison Donald Trump through 91 felony indictments in 4 jurisdictions at both the state and federal levels. Biden does not want an opponent in the general election, and the justice system is doing the dirty work for him so Biden wins by default. This is more than election interference but is an attempt to destroy our entire electoral process because the Democrat party is a totalitarian party that wants to put its political opponents in prison and destroy them. Later, Biden should be impeached for several reasons, including failing to uphold our country’s immigration laws and the crime and damage that has been unleashed upon America from it. Biden has failed to uphold his oath of office and follow the Constitution.

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