Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/15/23

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are always about bailing out other Democrats and elite donors, but not every day Americans like the people in East Palestine, Ohio. The board of Silicon Valley Bank was filled with liberal crackpots pushing liberal causes like climate change and social justice, and in the end that was what ruined the bank. The Biden administration is destroying our economy and driving up inflation, because it is filled with people ideologues like OMB Director Shalanda Young lying about our deficit and national debt. President Biden is such a pathological liar, he is now accusing MAGA Republicans of wanting to defund the police because they didn’t want to pass his so-called inflation reduction act, which is just a social justice and climate change bill. Biden says it’s because he has no shame and has been lying for decades. Also, Marxists and populists are changing the language so if you believe that America should remain the #1 superpower and defend ourselves and our allies against the communist Chinese, fascistic Russians, or islamonazis in Iran, you’re a liberal. Unless you oppose providing aid and support to allies and turn the other cheek while innocent people are being slaughtered at rates we haven’t seen since World War 2, you’re a warmonger. Later, Mark speaks with journalist James O’Keefe about his new venture in citizen journalism, O’Keefe Media Group.

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