Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/2/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, toxic masculinity isn’t the problem with our society, but bigotry pushed endlessly by Democrats like Doug Emhoff is, especially from Democrat leadership like President Biden and George Soros. Equality isn’t even mentioned by liberals anymore because they don’t believe in it but believe in discrimination and re-segregation disguised as equity. This open racism and hostility wasn’t taking place under Obama, but the radical Democrats now control the party and the media. These are the people setting the agenda and tearing down our civil society. Also, the jury in the trial of Alex Murdaugh returned a guilty verdict for the murder of his wife and son in 2021. Murdaugh’s sentencing is being deferred, but the minimum sentence is 30 years and up to life in prison. To slaughter your own family like this is unconscionable, and hopefully they throw the book at Murdaugh. Later, the Washington Post released a story about months of disputes between the DOJ and Donald Trump which led to a showdown with the FBI in an unprecedented raid. This was leaked by the prosecutors that were trying to get the goods on Trump, and had no business being reported. Now Jack Smith has 8 secret pieces of litigation against Trump, including against his top lawyer because they want to violate attorney-client privilege. The FBI has interfered in the last 3 elections now, covering for Hillary Clinton and the Biden crime family while smearing Trump, because they have become an appendage of the Democrat party. Finally, Mark speaks with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis about his new book, The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival.

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