Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/3/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden Administration knowingly chose their climate activism ideology and agenda over American national security and the needs of American citizens. This was confirmed in a leaked internal memo, admitting charging fossil fuel companies less drill would provide greater energy security, but instead chose to hike up royalty fees in the name of climate change. The Biden administration is literally putting their radical climate agenda before the needs of the citizens of the United States. Also, Hunter Biden advised then-Vice President Joe Biden’s press secretary on how to handle questions about Hunter’s involvement with Burisma. This is a glaring conflict of interest because of Joe Biden’s involvement in Ukraine policy at the time. How many more breadcrumbs does the FBI and DOJ need to finally prosecute the Biden crime family? Also, Nikole Hannah-Jones was all over the media to push her docuseries about the racist 1619 Project, but opponents of the 1619 Project like Peter Wood aren’t allowed on the same shows to defend themselves. This ideology used to be considered only for kooks and radicals, but now Critical Race Theory is the mainstream ideology of the Democrat party. Later, Mark is joined by author and Tablet Magazine columnist Lee Smith about how the Biden State Department is trying to topple and smear Benjamin Netanyahu just like they did to President Trump.

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