Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/6/23

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the political violence we see in this country today can be traced back to President Obama and then-Vice President Biden, not Donald Trump or any Republican. Nobody plays the race card and gets away with it more than President Biden, whether it is anti-black or anti-white racism, and he is a symbol of the radical ideologies that have taken over the corrupt democrat party. Biden was in Selma, AL, where he was once again stirred up racial hatred and lying about the Supreme Court gutting the voting rights act. Also, equity is equality without liberty, because equality without liberty is totalitarianism and gives government full control to determine who gets what. It gives certain people privileges based on their skin color or ethnicity or economic status, which is a notorious concept right out of Marxism. Equity has nothing to do with merit, and Democrat Marxists are using it to re-segregate this country. Later, the coverup of the COVID pandemic is ongoing, and there is a credibility crisis after confirmation that CNN worked to shut down the Wuhan lab leak theory and dismissed it as a Trump talking point. Anthony Fauci in April of 2020 dismissed the lab leak theory and instead pushed the idea that it jumped from bat to humans despite no evidence of any kind. The only network questioning the lockdowns and the Covid variants was Fox News, meanwhile every other network was too busy carrying water for Democrats.

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