Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 3/7/23

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, a Mexican cartel murdered 2 American citizens, and the Biden administration’s response is all talk and no action. Democrats always talk about gun control for American citizens, but never about cartel gun control and their dominance of the southern border. Mexican cartels have invaded this country under the Biden Administration, and this will have dangerous effects for decades to come. President Biden and the Democrat party have used illegal immigration to unleash this violence on our society, and they’ve used it to try and affect the demographics of the country. We have a narco state south of the border using the same tactics as ISIS, because ISIS learned it from watching the drug cartels. Also, American history isn’t American Marxism or the 1619 project, and Ken Burns knows that despite going on CNN to tear down Ron DeSantis. They hate DeSantis because he’s the only one fighting against this ideology taking hold in our classrooms and pushing the Democrat Marxist agenda. Then, Medicare and Medicaid funding is going bankrupt, and the Democrat plan to fix it is to tax families making over $400,000 or more to replenish the fund. Democrats don’t believe in a responsible budget but will continue to win elections like the Marxists they are, by pretending to be for the common people and to tax the rich. Later, Biden and his administration only care about diversity, not competency, which is how you get nominees like Phillip Washington to run the Federal Aviation Administration. Washington has no experience in aviation and was unable to answer basic questions for the job during a congressional hearing and has no idea whatsoever what he is doing. The Democrat party puts its racist CRT, DEI, equity agenda ahead of the safety of millions of Americans who fly on airlines.

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