Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 4/18/24

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, now the definition of a warmonger is providing our allies with weapons? No. The vast majority of Americans don’t support Putin. They do not support China against Taiwan. They do not support Iran against Israel. Russia, China, and Iran are doing what they are doing because they want to destroy us and here in America, we dither over the Speakership. Winston Churchill was ignored and called a warmonger by the establishment and fellow conservatives. Churchill explained that they didn’t understand the mindset of the Germans. Just as today, Biden doesn’t understand the mindset set of Hamas and Iranian terrorists. Biden never wanted Israel to have a missile defense system and now he wants them to stand down. Later, who is behind these protests on college campuses and in the streets? They don’t just happen. George Soros groups are bankrolling them. It’s all funded by dark-money Democrat billionaires. These dark money billionaires are the same people funding the Democrat party. What they hope to do is to create and support Islamists just as they created and supported Marxists. We are seeing the fusion of Marxists and Islamists. Finally, Speaker Mike Johnson calls in to dismiss some misinformation about a foreign aid package that includes money for Israel and Ukraine.

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