Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 4/19/24

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, Judge Merchan and D.A. Alvin Bragg are extreme leftists doing the bidding of the Democrat Party, trampling on Donald Trump’s due process rights and issuing gag orders while openly attacking him. The cases against Trump have been a conga line of corrupt judges and media mouthpieces doing anything and everything they can to sway the 2024 election for Joe Biden. Our border, public schools, the nuclear family, and basic morality have been destroyed by this radical Democrat party. Trump is facing a Soviet-style prosecution in 4 jurisdictions at the same time because he stood up to the Democrat Marxist machine. Also, Israel was surrounded by the Philistines until David killed Goliath, and now today Israel is facing a new Goliath in the form of Iran. PM Benjamin Netanyahu understands what he is up against with Iran and the Biden administration which is why he is attacked by Democrats just like Trump. Later, Mark is joined by Five for Fighting singer-songwriter John Ondrasik to talk about his experience in Israel for a concert and the evil of Hamas and Iran that surrounds the Israeli citizens while they continue with their daily lives under constant threat. Finally, Mark also speaks with actor and producer Kevin Sorbo about his new documentary, Hollywood Takeover: China’s Control in the Film Industry.

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