Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 4/2/24

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden administration’s hate for Israel is a reflection of their hatred for America. There was an accidental bombing that took place in Gaza. Israel apologized, yet the Biden administration took this opportunity to viciously attack Israel. This administration conveniently forgets that less than 2 years ago a Biden drone strike killed 10 civilians in Afghanistan. They know mistakes happen in war. It is as if Hamas has written the script based on how this war has been reported by the Democrat media and the Biden Administration. The Biden Administration is funding the war in Israel by funneling billions of dollars into Iran for them to fund and arm Hamas. President Biden is dealing with Iran and selling out our country, letting them get a nuclear weapon that will be paid for by us. Also, the Democrat party has decided that you cannot use the term bloodbath or it makes you Hitler, and they are once again attacking Donald Trump for describing our southern border as a bloodbath. They criticize Trump for the use of words while Biden is funding terrorism in the Middle East and his policies have resulted in slavery, rape, and drugs pouring into our country. Biden is at war with Israel and he is at war with the American people, and he does not care about the violence at our southern border and flying migrants all across our country. Later, Mark is joined by Caroline Glick, Senior Contributing Editor at JNS and host of the Caroline Glick Show, to discuss the Biden Administration’s support for Hamas and a shift from decades of America standing behind Israel.

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