Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 4/21/22

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, United Airlines claims to be committed to a “carbon-free future” however such a future would kill us. Plants process carbon dioxide to create the air we breathe. It’s simply not the job of an airline CEO to be woke. Then, a former McDonald’s CEO has spoken out against teaching wokeness to employees. In the same way, the Florida legislature has decided to stop subsidizing Disney’s unique special self-governance arrangement. Disney decided it would go against what parents expected would be taught and the government decided to rescind their special status. Later, American Marxism, Critical Race theory, is about dehumanizing individuals. Will we now say that Mother’s Day is bigoted because we can’t define a woman? Will there be a transition day? Afterward, NY Congressman Lee Zeldin calls in to discuss his campaign for Governor. Zeldin added that crime is so rampant that New Yorkers are fleeing to southern states. Zeldin also remarked that constituents are tired of the failed leftwing leadership that puts politicians first and families last.


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