Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/12/23

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, we have another instance of using phony science to push an agenda and drag down the country. Climate change is the biggest rouse America has ever confronted. It gives the Federal government the authority to do virtually whatever it wants. They are regulating basic appliances in your home. At some point, they will limit the number of vehicles you can have. This is the only generation in the U.S. that is seeking ways to abandon progress, economically and technologically. If you vote Democrat, this is what you’re voting for! I don’t think this nation can survive 4 more years of Biden and the Democrats. There is no specific statute authority for any of this. The left has seized on antiquated laws from the 1970s to destroy our country and empower themselves. It’s all about control. Meanwhile, the border is a mess with the conclusion of Title 42, and the White House and the Biden administration is spinning and lying about how they’re handling things, wanting to let all the immigrants flood through our southern border without court dates – but a federal judge said no, and now the Biden administration is saying that the Department of Justice is going to fight this ruling. Secretary Mayorkas should be arrested for violating laws or at least be impeached! Finally, the FBI, DOJ, and the New York Times is in full cover-up mode for the Biden crime family. Shouldn’t the NY Times ask why the Biden’s had so many shell companies? Later, the border is wide open and millions of illegal immigrants are coming in and it’s Republican’s fault? 

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