Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/13/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, reports of baby formula shortages go back months to February of 2022, and prior to that retail pharmacy chains alerted customers to shortages in November of 2021. Yet President Biden claims he’s not a mind-reader and blames the FDA. However, the FDA wasn’t involved in any false alarms or recalls at that time. Why is there only one article on this from CNN, where is the coverage of this story from the other news outlets over the past six months? The corrupt media has failed us again because the press was too busy covering up for Biden and prompting their radical agenda. Then, our border crisis, crime, and inflation are not because of Russia and Ukraine. These arguments come from pro-Putin propagandists that want to weaken this nation from within by cultivating isolationist neo-Marxists. Stopping aid to Ukraine won’t magically shut our border, produce baby formula, or end the transgender indoctrination of American children. It simply doesn’t work that way. The left will wage war on the unborn, attack liberty, and trash the founding of our nation whether Ukraine gets aid or not. Later, America will endure the predicted food shortages in part to Biden’s attack on energy and fertilizer. We can’t reap and sew crops without farm equipment. Afterward, Dr. Oz calls in with a final pitch for his candidacy for the US Senate. Oz promised to be a bold voice for pro-life issues and dependable as a US Senator. 

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