Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/13/24

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Alvin Bragg is relying on a porn actress and serial convicted liar to prove an undefined federal campaign violation that was never pursued by the feds, where Bragg has no jurisdiction, which supposedly resuscitates an expired state bookkeeping misdemeanor statute, and turns it into a felony? This is absolute insanity. This is all intended to convict and imprison President Trump and forcibly install Biden in the White House for another America-killing 4 years. This is tyranny, pure and simple. Bragg is trying to prove today, and every day, that Trump committed the perfectly legal act of executing an NDA. But they cannot even prove he did that or did that with full knowledge, let alone with the intent of committing a nonexistent federal campaign violation. And Cohen’s testimony, scripted as it is by Bragg, not only reveals what a lying sleazeball Cohen is, but underscores that Cohen was the driving force behind it. If every single thing Cohen says is true (it’s all false), why didn’t the SDNY bring a federal campaign violation of some kind based on his allegations? Because there is no federal offense. Because the NDA is not criminal. There’s no crime, state or federal, with which to link Trump or anyone else. This is a case looking for a legal basis. There is none. Also, the U.N. confirms that Hamas is lying about the casualty deaths, but Bernie Sanders still uses the phony number of 35,000 killed. Why? Because he supports Hamas. There has been a fusion of Marxism and Islamism taking over. The Democrat party had moved more radicalized to the left, embracing Marxism and they found partnerships with Islamists.

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