Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/15/24

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden campaign thinks they are clever – agree to and give conditions for a Presidential debate to try and change the subject from inflation, high gas prices, housing costs, interest rates, and pro-Hamas college students. Biden wants to control the debate setting and control how the questions are answered. There should be some conditions placed on Biden like the debate must be before his bedtime at 6 pm and he needs to leave his false teeth at home. CNN announced Jake Tapper and Dana Bash as moderators for the debate. Tapper is not a journalist and Bash is just as bad. Out of all the moderators they pick these two? Later, Robert Costello, Michael Cohen’s former lawyer, testified to Congress about Cohen’s lies to the grand jury. Cohen is a master manipulator; he creates the crisis and then tries to fix it. Also, we see what Benjamin Netanyahu is up against. Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran they can defeat. They can’t defeat a backstabbing president who’s doing everything he can to destroy Israel. Finally, Biden plans an executive order to shut down the border once crossings reach 4,000 per day, despite saying he needs Congress to act. Biden has had years to close this border, it’s too late now, millions of illegals are here.

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