Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/16/23

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, President Donald Trump calls is to address the findings of the Durham Report. The press is using the first amendment to advance a radical left agenda through only one party, and has become a propaganda operation for Democrats. The media have taken the final step and become activists for the ideologues in the Democrat party, which is why they blew off the Durham Report almost entirely. If we do not have a truly free press it is difficult for political opposition to survive. The Democrat party created the vast centralized bureaucracy we have now, which now has an FBI that has become corrupted and an arm of the Democrat party and the Department of Justice. Also, President Biden vetoed a bipartisan bill that would have repealed an executive order allowing China to bypass tariffs and sell solar panels, allowing communist China to undercut American workers. This is even more evidence of Biden’s connection to China, vetoing a bill that would have required the Chinese to dump less of their product into the U.S. and enable American companies to develop solar panels. Later, Mark speaks with Senator Josh Hawley about his new book, Manhood: The Masculine Virtues America Needs.   

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