Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/18/23

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On Thursday’s Mark Levin Show, Democrats are trying to intimidate rank-and-file FBI agents to not come forward about corruption within the agency, and they are going after any whistleblower that comes out against the Biden administration. The iron fist of the Democrat party to silence whistleblowers while the media sit by silently and watch is a sign of the unraveling of our republic. Three FBI agents testified to Congress about what they have seen and are being attacked and silenced by Democrats. Next, Democrats have turned to corporations to push their woke agenda on gender, ESG, and Marxism, and Disney is a prime example. Disney under CEO Bob Iger is turning the company into a woke disaster, getting involved in the classroom, and fighting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for putting a stop to it. We cannot allow these corporatists to run our country, who are woke political hacks using money from companies they didn’t build. Later, the Biden administration is blaming the pandemic, inflation, and El Nino for affecting the maintenance of our infrastructure and power grid. They systematically go through our energy system and destroy it, and then act surprised when our electrical grid cannot handle the overload. We had diverse sources of energy under President Trump, but President Biden has done everything to kill gas and coal among others. Meanwhile, we have people like Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg going on about Transportation and Environmental equity, which is just cover for Democrats to take power.

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