Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/24/23

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, Governor Ron DeSantis has officially announced his candidacy for president and joins Mark to speak about his campaign and the state of the country under President Biden. DeSantis’ task at hand is to return the government to the people. 2024 is a generational opportunity to solidify and expand a constitutionalist direction in our judiciary. Also, Democrats are using propagandists in the media to keep lying about the Constitution giving the power to destroy the economy, and at the same time blaming Republicans for a default on our debt. The 14th Amendment is a post-civil War amendment for Confederate soldiers, not to grant the president the power of the purse and allow him to propose and pass a budget and raise debt like Biden wants. Rep Jamie Raskin and the other Democrat Marxists are given a platform by the leftist media to lie about the Constitution; they will turn the Constitution into a pretzel to advance their radical ideology. Later, Mark speaks with Rep Byron Donalds about the national debt, debt ceiling, and Democrat pushback on proposed budget cuts. Finally, legendary singer Tina Turner passed away at age 83 after a long illness and kidney disease.

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