Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/28/24

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, Judge Juan Merchan is a crooked judge and was specifically appointed to handle this Trump NY case. Merchan has shredded the law and the rules of evidence, stomped all over due process, silenced Trump in most aspects of the case, and assumed jurisdiction over federal election law. There has been no evidence that Trump violated federal election law, let alone did so with intent and for which there is no reasonable doubt. We can only hope that there’s at least one juror with the smarts, guts, and conscience to say no to Merchan, Alvin Bragg, the Biden regime, and this horrendous tyranny. Also, President Biden cannot and will not fix what he has broken, whether it is our border or our relationship with Israel, which is why he needs to go. Biden and Antony Blinken are pressuring England and other European allies not to rebuke Iran for making advances in their nuclear program, all to protect Biden’s election chances in November. Later, Mark is joined by Ric Grenell, former Acting Director of National Intelligence, to talk about a New York Times hit piece and also about the lack of global leadership from the United States under Joe Biden.

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