Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/31/24

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Trump case can be appealed and possibly overturned, but not in time for the election in November, which is exactly what the Democrats and Biden wanted. Every rule of the courtroom was destroyed intentionally in order to get a conviction of Trump since the appeal would not matter since the election will have already have happened. Merchan is so corrupt that he has scheduled Trump’s sentencing right before the Republican Convention in order to influence the press and the minds of the voters. We need a serious and substantive pathway to get this case before the Supreme Court, with Bush v Gore as precedent as the consequences are similar. Also, if Trump wins the election, Joe Biden and Antony Blinken should be indicted and charged for illegally interfering and impacting the 2020 presidential election by covering up the Hunter Biden laptop under the same argument used against Trump and his NDA. Biden and Blinken coordinated to conceal negative information about Biden and his family and even got 51 intel officials to corroborate their lie. Later, Mark is joined by Speaker of the House Mike Johnson to discuss the Trump conviction, defense strategy next steps and appeal to the Supreme Court, and the overall impact on our country and the upcoming election. Mark also speaks with Richard Goldberg about Joe Biden discussing an Israeli ceasefire to let Hamas service in Gaza while he is condemning Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

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