Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/8/23

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, President Biden wants to know what the Republican border plan is, it’s simple – put all of President Trump’s border policies back in place. With Title 42 ending at the end of the week, the border crisis will only get worse. About 10,000 a day, 70,000 a week, and over a quarter of a million a month are going to come into the United States. The impact on society will be enormous. Also, jury selection begins Tuesday in a lawsuit brought against President Donald Trump by E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump raped her sometime in the mid ’90s. Carroll was never interested in suing Trump until she spoke with George Conway at a Never Trumper event, who convinced her. Later, reparations are a scam, a massive redistribution of wealth. This, in part, is a Democrat party play with their base – another piece of the puzzle of American Marxism. If reparations are to be paid, they are to be paid from the Democrat party. Afterward, the President doesn’t have power under the 14th Amendment to rewrite the Constitution and eliminate the House of Representative’s core function, to borrow, spend, and tax. Rep Jamie Raskin voted, and the Democrats have supported all this spending and borrowing – it is they who created this debt ceiling situation. Finally, Peter Flaherty, Chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center calls in to discuss his arrest during a Berkshire shareholder proposal presentation. Peter had his microphone cut, was arrested, and forcibly removed from the arena.

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