Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 5/9/23

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, unfortunately Donald Trump will probably be charged in Atlanta and Washington D.C. at the behest of Biden’s Department of Justice and be convicted. Democrat DA’s in Manhattan and Atlanta brought bogus charges against Trump, and now he has been found liable of sexual battery in a civil trial against E. Jean Carroll. This is occurring in Democrat cities with judges allowing bogus trials, and more are coming because Trump is being overwhelmed with criminal and civil investigations. Everything is playing out perfectly if you are a Democrat, especially President Biden running against Trump in 2024. Mark speaks with trial attorney Brian Claypool about the evidence used in the Trump civil case and the integrity of the verdict. Also, we have the highest percentage of debt in terms of GDP in American history, not even during WWII or the Great Depression. This is why inflation is going through the roof, and Biden is lying and deceiving the American people about spending cuts because he hasn’t made any. Biden is overwhelming the American citizens through inflation and immigration because he has thrown in with the Marxists like the political chameleon he is. Later, Mark is joined by Congressman Chip Roy to discuss Title 42 and Biden’s disastrous border policies.

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