Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/10/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, with thousands of witnesses interviewed by the January 6th committee, they didn’t reveal much of anything. Ivanka Trump’s testimony wasn’t unusual given that she’s left the White House at the time and wasn’t plugged into campaign operations. No one questioned what information Bill Barr had seen, especially since most election issues are handled at the state level, not the federal level. A court of law would never allow a one-sided process like this committee. Then, it’s not easy to be misrepresented by some unhinged critic or political foe. A new poll from Southern Poverty Law Center shows that half of young Democrats are okay with the assassination of political foes. Yet no one says anything about President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the rest of the Democrats spewing their violent rhetoric. Later, Author Julie Kelly calls in to explain that Pelosi’s Jan. 6th Committee has one goal, and it’s to drive a stake through the heart of the MAGA movement. Kelly mentioned the story of Matthew Perna, a Jan 6 detainee that committed suicide after the Feds kept piling charges on him for being at the Capitol. Seditious conspiracy is the latest charge the government is pursuing against 100 detainees. Afterward, Congressman Mo Brooks calls in with an update on his campaign against a Mitch McConnell lobbyist running for the U.S Senate against him in Alabama. Brooks reiterated that America needs a Trump’s conservative to win this race.

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