Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/14/22

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, the January 6 committee is a disgusting effort to criminalize a sitting president’s right to challenge the results of an election until the electoral college votes are certified. The media suggests that former Attorney General Bill Barr will be the star witness in a criminal trial against former President Donald Trump. Incidentally, former US Attorney Bill McSwain for Pennsylvania penned a letter to Trump in June of 2021 stating that he’d received multiple allegations of election fraud but was advised by his then-boss Attorney General William Barr to make no public statements about them. Despite the facts of this letter, Barr maintains that he was not aware of any widespread fraud. Then, James Adams was smeared as an atheist among other things and had a challenging relationship with Thomas Jefferson. In his election, Adams only won by three votes and his Vice President was Thomas Jefferson the next highest vote-getter even though he was from a different party. Most voters from the north voted for Adams and most from the south voted for Jefferson. In this election, the state legislatures choose their electors to decide the presidency. This is the key point; the power to choose electors comes from the state legislatures and in American History was considered more relevant than the individual voters because of the adherence to the Constitution’s electoral college. In 2020 the State of Pennsylvania changed the laws for choosing electors which violates the constitution. Later, when Hillary Clinton lost in 2016 and alleged on multiple occasions that the election was stolen from her there was no call for a special committee. When members of Congress said the Trump victory was illegitimate and that the electoral college shouldn’t be observed, no one even batted an eyelid at their rhetoric. But heaven forbid Trump make a similar statement, then it’s time to indict him. Afterward, Fox News Host Pete Hegseth joins the show to discuss his new book “Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation.”

Hegseth noted how, historically, the holy scriptures were used as the basis for education until public sector unions co-opted the education system. Hegseth pointed out that Marxist John Dewey was a driving force behind the teachers union takeover. A practice that remains today and ensures that unions will pay millions to continue control of politicians and classrooms. 

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