Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/25/21

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, the Biden regime has turned the Department of Justice into an appendage of the Democrat party. They are going to sue the Georgia legislature for their existing voter laws. AG Merrick Garland is doing the dirty work of President Biden and he is the furthest thing from a moderate. It’s time for Republican Attorney Generals to stand up to Garland and the Biden Administration. It’s clear that these agencies have been politicized and cannot be trusted. Also, Jalen Rose is an EPSN commentator and might be a bigot, saying that having white player Kevin Love on the Olympic team is tokenism and that the USA should have sent an all-black team to the Olympics. If the races were reversed, this wouldn’t be tolerated for one minute, but racism only cuts one way apparently in this country. Later, Kamala Harris finally went to the border, but she went to the wrong border town. She went to El Paso, not McAllen, where the actual border crisis is happening. Kamala didn’t go to the border to see what’s going on or do anything; she just went to be able to say she went. Then, the climate change movement is just another of the Marxist Democrat’s ways of controlling us and taking away our rights. This is an ideology that is dressed up in polar bears and melting ice caps in order to hide the iron fist. It is a grave threat to our existence, and the Biden administration has embraced a vast part of it.


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