Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/28/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, 10 victims have tragically died and 150 are still missing in the Surfside, FL building collapse. As for the politicians and first responders, it’s all hands on deck to help. For the inhumane leftwing activists at the Washington Post, it’s an opportunity to attack Governor Ron DeSantis with the hope that they can tie this to him somehow. Then, Olympian Gwen Berry was prepared with her “Activist Athlete” t-shirt this weekend to take a stand against the very country she was competing for. President Biden contributes to this destructive ideology with his hateful rhetoric which is echoed by Jen Psaki. Those who hate America will always focus on how to cast America in a negative light. Later, political indoctrination like Lat-Crit or critical Latino theory developed by white liberals suggests that white Protestant colonialists are the illegal aliens, not the indigenous people and Hispanics that originally that have inhabited the land. Moreover, critical gender theory professes that binary sexes have been replaced by 58 different gender types. This ideological oligopoly is supported by the media, academia, and big tech and will destroy history in the process. Afterward, Biden and Psaki are blaming Republicans for rising crime saying that they voted against bailouts for blue cities with failed budgets. The same cities that defunded the police and misused the state and local tax dollars they controlled. Local policing is not a federal issue. Democrats and their policies have destroyed these crime-ridden cities and their local police departments. 


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