Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/3/24

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democratic Party and their surrogates are cheering what is happening to Donald Trump because The Democratic party is the new Confederacy. This is part and parcel of their war on the Constitution, almost from day one, from a party that supported nullification, slavery, separate but equal, and Jim Crow. We have a judge and a prosecutor in New York nullifying now and will have a ripple effect on other states, which is why this is a federal issue, and the impact is nationwide. What was done to Trump in that courtroom is an attempt to nullify the Federal Constitution, due process, and equal protection. Also, the war on Israel by Biden and the Democrat party is like nothing we have ever seen before. America has never treated an ally as poorly as the Biden administration is treating Israel. Later, Anthony Fauci seemed to have memory loss at a COVID hearing today. Why are Democrats defending him? Fauci didn’t know why there was a 6-foot social distancing mandate. It wasn’t based on science. Finally, Mark is joined by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) about his experience with the Bush v Gore case and the Trump case being the most egregious case of election interference in our country’s history, as well as the introduction of in vitro fertilization legislation.

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