Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/4/24

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the idea that Congress needed to pass a bipartisan border law to revive the existing law is a lie, and President Biden is a detestable low life and a dangerous man who uses the open border for power and profit. We were told over and over by Biden and people like Alejandro Mayorkas and Karine Jean-Pierre that our southern border was secure, which have all been lies. Biden is the arsonist who burned down our secure border created under Donald Trump, and now he is acting as the savior for finally enforcing our border laws. This election is about our Republic, our Constitution, our values, and our culture under attack by Biden and the Democrat party. Also, the Democrat media continues to report the Hamas statistics and blame Israel for the deaths of Palestinians, and the Biden administration is encouraging it. Biden is an anti-Semite and does not like that Israel is standing up and fighting for its survival, and while he says he supports Israel he is working against them. The liberal media have taken the First Amendment to empower them to push their Marxist ideology and Jew hatred. Later, Mark speaks with Fox News host and author Pete Hegseth about his experience being targeted politically and having military orders revoked, as well as his new book The War on Warriors: Behind the Betrayal of the Men Who Keep Us Free.

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