Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 6/5/24

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, there is an argument that will be heard by Judge Aileen Cannon on whether the appointment of Jack Smith as special council was Constitutional. Smith is the most powerful prosecutor in the United States because AG Merrick Garland gave him that power without having the authority to do so. Cannon will hear arguments from both sides about whether there was a breach of the appointments clause with Smith. While we have judges like Chutkan and Merchan using their power to destroy the rule of law, we have judges like Cannon standing up to the corrupt Biden regime, mob attorney general, and rogue prosecutor. Later, Mark is joined by Josh Blackman, a lawyer who will be making one of the oral arguments about Jack Smith being unconstitutionally appointed, to discuss the basic points of the brief and the overstepping of Merrick Garland in appointing Smith. Also, the crisis on our southern border did not exist under the Trump administration but was created by President Biden through his open border policies and non-enforcement of our immigration laws. Everything Biden is doing now is to get re-elected, which is why he is acting like he is the savior and closing the border. Finally, Mark speaks with Congressman Byron Donalds (R-FL) to talk about the Biden campaign and the Democrat media hit pieces twisting his words and lying to smear him.

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