Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/15/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin, President Biden visited Saudi Arabia but neglected to ask what their policy was on abortion, gay marriage, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Of course, this is tongue in cheek because people are beheaded for those things in Saudi Arabia. Biden loves genocidal autocrats, yet the media, which treats Republicans as pariahs for their positions on these issues, have been silent on these human rights abuses. Biden called for a Palestinian state during his time in Bethlehem with the wealthy Jew-hating terrorist Mahmoud Abbas. Many have tried to promote a two-state solution however the Palestinians’ pre-conditions were unrealistic which is why former President Trump moved forward with the Abraham Accords which brought other Middle East nations into the conversation allowing Palestine to come to the table once they are serious about lasting peace.  Then, statists, or Marxists, in particular, the enviro-statist thrives on a threat that allows the government to take away one’s liberty as we saw during the pandemic. Similarly, DDT chemical spray that prevented malaria had prevented the deaths of many, but it was said to be the cause of cancer for many children and was eventually banned even though a federal judge deemed it was not a carcinogen. Later, Gov Gavin Newsom is going to war with parents over the promotion of adult sexual material being taught in CA public schools. Newsom has doubled down on Critical Race Theory, pornographic literature, and cartoons in the classroom under the guise of social-emotional learning. Afterward, the federal judge presiding over the case of former White House Advisor Peter Navarro raised an eyebrow at the FBI’s arrest tactics for his misdemeanor charge. The judge questioned why Navarro wasn’t offered self-surrender at an FBI office like most other white-collar offenders are. Sportscaster Stephen A. Smith joins the show to discuss how certain athletes avoid his program if he’s critical of them. Smith added that he is a capitalist and seeks diversity in his audience and programming. 

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