Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/19/21

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, will the media bring back the on-screen charts recording deaths from the Delta variant? Will President Biden be charged with killing people because people died while he was president the same way they maligned President Trump? Will Biden use vaccines and mask-wearing to attack the civil liberties of American citizens? Biden is already a failed president and is looking to cast blame in every direction but his own. Then, 1619 project founder, Nikole Hannah-Jones is privileged and spreads lies, poison, and hate. As recently as 2019, she suggested that Cuba is the democracy with the most equality because it has the most equal amount of Black and White people and that’s precisely why socialism works there. Later, for years the estimated population of illegal immigrants has been 11-12 million despite the stampedes of caravans poring in at the porous southern border. Will the media update their estimate? Having an open border will change the electorate and the citizenry. Afterward, CNN is dying because it has no significant ratings but its parent company will continue pumping money into it to continue their propaganda. It’s a tool for the American Marxists in the media.


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