Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/2/24

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On Tuesday’s Mark Levin Show, the new media lie is that the 6 Supreme Court justices in the immunity case are all sucking up to President Trump. Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the immunity decision, is no fan of Trump. Indeed, he publicly criticized Trump some years ago for Trump’s criticism of Democrat-appointed jurists. The idea that Roberts bent over backward to deliver Trump an immunity decision that allows him to order the assassination of a political opponent is so disgustingly insane on every level, its demagogues must be openly condemned — from Sonia Sotomayor to President Biden, from MSNBC to CNN, and the rest of the mouthpieces for American Marxism. Also, If Biden drops out (doubt it, but who knows) go for it, Kamala Harris. Kamala is reportedly upset that she’s being overlooked in all the gossip because she is a black woman. You tell them, Kamala! Is the Democrat Party racist and misogynist? Is it truly committed to DEI or will it now resort to a different standard? We shall see! After all, she is so accomplished, such a leader. Just ask Willie Brown. Afterward, the Democrats and their media claim they are the Constitution originalists! For years the Democrats and their media have told us that the Constitution is old, it is a document drafted and adopted by white slaveholders, it is an obstacle to civil rights and progress, etc. The Framers have been condemned, their names removed from buildings, their monuments destroyed, etc. Yet, today, right now, the same Democrats and media are claiming that our precious Constitution is being destroyed by Supreme Court justices who believe in and practice constitutional originalism! That’s right! Those who hate the Constitution and its authors insist that they are the true believers and adherents to the original principles, values, and words on which our country — which they said was hopelessly racist and unequal (CRT, DEI. ESG, 1619, etc.) — established. Later, Rep. Lloyd Doggett is the first Democrat to publicly call for President Biden to step down as the party’s nominee. This guy is a hardcore leftist and senior party man. He would not have written this letter without the consent if not urging of House leadership. Finally, after 23 years Mark and Westwood One have extended their contract for multiple years. Mark said “I understand my obligation is to serve the millions of patriotic Americans in the audience. I am blessed to do what I do, and I am committed every day to providing detailed analyses of current events along with historic context, commentary, and my in-depth perspectives to deliver the very best broadcasting I am able to share with our many listeners.”

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