Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/20/20

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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party has more and more in common with the confederacy than we think; it’s the same Party attacking the same country. White Marxist mayors across the country are allowing their citizens and cities to be destroyed, the Portland federal court is under attack and being damaged every night. Rep. James Clyburn wants to know who ordered federal law enforcement and suggested that the local authorities should be protecting the federal courts and buildings, not federal personnel. Clyburn also complained that federal officers should not be masked when doing their job. Meanwhile, Anthony Fauci praises New York as an example of how to deal with COVID-19. Earlier this year Fauci, who’s been in office for 37 years, had no response to the pandemic until President Trump ramped up the federal response. Afterward, Sen. Ted Cruz joins the show to explain that the U.S Civil Rights Act can be used to sue cities and states that don’t protect their citizens during these demonstrations. Cruz adds that this is a close election and if we lose Texas the country will see a generation of socialism.  Also, when then-Governor Ronald Reagan faced the UC Berkley riots in the 1960’s he took swift decisive action using the state police and national guard. The media is on the side of the militarist leftist; so we can’t wait for them to promote peace, because they won’t. Finally, Craig Shirley calls in and explains that Joe Biden should remember that Reagan was the underdog in 1980.

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