Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/29/22

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On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, if U.S fighter jets accompany Speaker Pelosi’s plane into Taiwan the Chinese Army has threatened to assassinate the Speaker of the US House of Representatives. China is guaranteeing war with the U.S in the future. They see our weak leadership and the weakening of the U.S military by woke ideology and they are exploiting it. It is time to crush this regime economically by arming their neighbors and severing all ties to trade with China immediately. Then, when it comes to foreign policy the nationalists and radical libertarians resemble Marxists with their isolationist pacifist views. Their simple answer is to call you a warmongering neo-con and ignore the larger threat at hand. Giving aid and comfort to the enemy must never be our policy. Later, Democrats are now arguing that state legislatures do not have authority over the time, place, or manner of elections as outlined in Article II of the US Constitution. Yet, in states like Pennsylvania, it was found that the state Supreme Court has violated the state constitution by creating (changing) state election laws for drop boxes and ballot dates without going through the state legislature. Afterward, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) is a global scam to devour the entire private sector. Interestingly democrats have made a fortune in the very private sector they seek to destroy. 

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