Mark Levin Audio Rewind – 7/3/24

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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin Show, it appears the Democrat party can’t even nominate a president competently. The Democrat Party and their media are split on whether to support a mentally impaired President Biden or disenfranchise millions of primary voters and pick a replacement by a relative handful of political elites and activists. If Biden chooses to stay in the race, Democrats feel like that’s a loser. If he decides to leave, less than 4,000 Chicago activists get to nominate the president, which will exclude millions who voted for Biden in the primary. The Democrat party got caught trying to impose a man with dementia on America. From the border to the economy to the debt and to wars – the Democrat party can’t do anything right. Now, Kamala Harris demands if Biden steps aside, she should be his replacement. She has been a major figure in covering up Biden’s dementia and lying to the American people. Should she be rewarded for her diabolical conduct? Did she raise the 25th Amendment? Whoever takes over for Biden, if he steps down, the media will crown that person as the second coming, and a fresh start for the Democrat party. Afterward, Mike Howell, the executive director for the Heritage Foundation’s oversight project, calls in to discuss “laying the groundwork in case a sudden switch-up in the Democratic roster sparks a legal war.” Later, the DOJ plans to pursue Trump cases past election day even if he wins. Can you imagine if they succeed? Trump gets elected, then a sentencing happens before he’s sworn in?

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